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Pool and Spa Control Systems

For your Hurlcon, Viron and AstralPool Heaters, Pumps and Blowers

"Genus" advanced control systems allow you to "set and forget" timing of your filtration pumps and heaters.



Genus II FM Remote

The new Genus II based 4 channel FM remote, operated with or without a Genus compatible heater, allows independent control of 1 - 4 pieces of equipment by use of the FM remote. Available with and without an inbuilt timeclock. The timeclock provides automatic control of the filter and pump.

Viron Connect & Connect 10

Viron Connect is an interactive touch screen LCD control suitable for installing anywhere undercover that connects all pool and spa equipment for easy operation and personalisation for your pool and spa customers. Install the optional Internet Gateway (part code 10030), download “Connect my pool” app from iTunes or Android store and oeprate your pool from anywhere in the world. 

 Viron Connect’s software is based on a Single Touch Favourite Mode system. All your favourite operating modes for the pool and / or spa system are programmed and personalised so that a single touch will activate your pool or spa. 

 “Night Time Spa” (heater on, filter pump, motorised valves, jet pump and spa light) can all be programmed to come on at the touch of a Single Personalised Favourite Mode. “School Holidays” may be named and personalised to turn a waterfall, pool heater and night light on.

Viron Connect has 10 equipment outlets, 4 motorised valve outlets, in-built solar automation, inputs / outputs and all individually named to represent the piece of equipment plugged into the Relay box.
Flexible, easy to program and even easier to use, Viron Connect gives your customer the simplicity and affordability to control their pool and spa.

Genus III Controller

The Genus III Pool and Spa Controller is used when no Genus compatible heater is installed in your swimming pool equipment. This system comes with an inbuilt time clock which allows 4 timer periods per day for the filter pump. Three additional outlets allow control over lighting, blowers, waterfalls pump. By adding two motorised valves you will allow the system to automatically isolate the spa and heat the water to the preset temperature.

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