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Electric & Gas Spa Heaters

Hurlcon HX70 & HX120 gas spa heaters

Spa Heater Repairs PerthThe most popular gas spa heaters in Australia

Gas spa heaters are the fastest and most economical way to heat your spa. The HX spa heater is the most low cost solution and is available in two sizes to meet your heating requirements. Made in Australia with electronic touch controls, the HX heater is ideal for you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Less Maintenance
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • Available in Two Sizes
  • Heat on Demand
  • Electronic Ignition

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As Hurlcon Service Technicians, we know and understand Hurlcon products. This allows us to provide the most reliable Hurlcon spa heater repairs in Perth.

AstralPool JX Gas Heaters

Spa Heater Repairs PerthWall mounted gas spa heaters

The AstralPool JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced heater designed for wall mounting. Available for indoor and outdoor application and ideal for confined spaces. Forced draft combustion system means lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects.

The JX Gas pool and spa heater is designed to mount on the wall saving space and making maintenance easy. Normal flues rely on natural draught but this fan powers the JX draught so it can be more compact and efficient.

Features & Benefits

  •  Available for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Heat on demand
  • Efficient to run
  • Wall mounting
  • Smaller design and reduced clearance spaces

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We are AstralPool JX heater service technicians so we know and understand these heaters.


SpaQuip & SpaPower

Spa heaters & controllers

SpaQuip and SpaPower manufactures many different heaters and controllers.

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to get the right Spa Power heater, controller or touchpad, at the right price.

Spa Heater Repairs

As service technicians for a wide range of brands, we know and understand the products. This allows us to provide the most reliable spa heater repairs in Perth. We service equipment and supply spare parts in the Perth metropolitan area, and our services are used by some major companies in the pool and spa industry.

We service many brands of spa heaters, including:
  • Viron
  • Raypak
  • Everdure
  • Bosch
  • Dega
  • Bayard
  • Onga
  • Waterco
  • Gecko

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