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Astral Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Pool Heating

AstralPool Heat Pumps

Are you looking at upgrading your pool with an Astral Heat Pump?

AstralPools have forged a strong reputation as a leader in the pool heating industry. They manufacture a complete range of residential and commercial pool equipment including not only heaters, but pumps, filters, chlorinators and more.

Astral heat pumps are available in a wide range of models to suit just about any sized pool and budget.

Viron Inverter Heat Pump

Combining standard technology and the new Inverter technology, the Viron is renowned for providing energy efficient pool heating all year round. This durable electric pump is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate and includes a whisper quiet compressor and corrosion proof titanium heat exchanger.

The Wifi module allows you to easily control the temperature of your pool from your smartphone whether you’re home or away. The Viron heater operates in a similar manner to your home refrigerator or air conditioning system, and allows you to heat your pool efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Viron Heat Pump

Eco Inverter Astral Heat Pump

Similar to the Viron, the Eco Inverter uses an R32 gas refrigerant. This provides an extremely energy efficient option by collecting the majority of the heat from the atmosphere.

For every 1kW of energy that is consumed by the Eco Inverter, it will gather up to 13kW of heat from the surrounding atmosphere. Believe it or not, this innovative pool heating option will continue to gather heat in low levels of sunlight and temperatures as low as 7 degrees celsius.

The Eco Inverter is also available with the Wifi module for easy remote control.

So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option with extremely low running costs, you can’t go wrong with the Eco Inverter Heat Pump from AstralPools.

Eco Inverter Heat Pump

Top Discharge Inverter Astral Heat Pump

The Top Discharge Inverter from AstralPools includes an ingenious vertical exhaust option which allows it to be installed in tight spaces, next to just about any other installation.

It also boasts all of the capabilities of the Viron and Eco Inverter including whisper quiet operation and quick heat up times, as well as energy efficiency and an optional Wifi module.

Top Discharge Inverter Heat Pump

Commercial Astral Heat Pump

The Astral Commercial Pump is the “big daddy” of pool heating. With a heating capacity from 13kW to 210kw and cooling from 8.8kW to 150kw, it is the ideal solution for large commercial swimming pools.

Encompassing state of the art technology, the Commercial Heat Pump is designed to withstand the tough demands of just about any sized pool. This super reliable commercial option provides uniform heating or cooling with a titanium heat exchanger that is encased within a fully injection moulded PVC container.

So whether you operate a hotel or public swimming pool, the Commercial Heat Pump from AstralPools offers a reliable and durable heating option that won’t break the bank.

Commercial Heat Pump

Pool & Spa Heaters Perth

Pool & Spa Heaters are an authorised supplier of Astral heat pumps with more than 30 years of industry experience supplying residential and commercial services throughout Perth.

With an outstanding reputation Pool & Spa Heaters Perth can supply, install, repair and service just about any pool heat pump.

Get in touch with Scott today to discuss your pool heating requirements.


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