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As Pool Spa Heaters Perth, we specialise in servicing commercial pools and spas. We are trusted by a number of local shires, private swimming pools, hotels and apartments, who regularly employ our services to upgrade and service their swimming pools.

Our experienced team are able to effectively manage all of your requirements including renovations and installation of new equipment. Please check out some of our recent commercial projects below.


New Commercial Pool Heater – Dumbleyung
New Commercial Pool Heater – Dumbleyung
Commercial, Heating, Pool, Projects
Commercial Pool Renovation – Shire of Goomaling
Commercial Spa Renovation – Perth City
Commercial Spa Renovation – Perth City
Commercial, Projects, Renovation
New Commercial Heat Pump – Wagin
New Commercial Heat Pump – Wagin
Commercial, Pool, Projects
Spa Heater Replacement – Perth CBD
Spa Heater Replacement – Perth CBD
Commercial, Equipment, Projects
Commercial Heat Pumps – Bull Creek
Commercial Heat Pumps – Bull Creek
Commercial, Heating, Pool, Projects
Asral HR Commercial Pool Heater


The HR series commercial pool heaters take the technology available for the commercial hot water supply, heating water application and commercial swimming pools.

All AstralPool boilers are reliable and almost indestructible. They are safe, easy to use and install  with the added benefit of great value for money. The HR Commercial Pool Heater is available in natural gas or LP gas and available for outdoor or indoor installation.


Easy to use & install

Great value for money

Commercial Heat Pumps


Heat Pump suitable for commercial pools in sizes ranging in 47kw to 145.0kw Titanium heat exchanger, powder coated case. Flow rate from 283 lpm to 1000 lpm.

The easiest and most economical way to maintain the right water temperature of your commercial swimming pool facility

Heating capacity from 13Kw up to 210Kw

Cooling capacity from 8.8Kw up to 150Kw

Vheat heat pumps are CE/Rohs/Reach Certified

Kivu Commercial Pool Pump


The KIVU® plastic pump for large flows has been designed to achieve the maximum working efficiency with the lowest noise. KIVU® is undoubtedly the highest efficiency pump in the market.  How did AstralPool get to invent the KIVU® pump?

The KIVU® project arises from the need to have a pump for large flows with the following required features:

Plastic pump for large flows and multiple uses (Pool, Fish Farming, Water parks...)

Maximum hydraulic efficiency

Low noise level

Use of standard market motor

PCT Patent pending

Maxim Commercial Pool Pump


The self-priming, high performance Maxim pump has been developed for use in public swimming pools. Made from high-resistance technical plastics guarantees a longer working life.

With a design adapted to the requirements of the public swimming pool, the Maxim is made entirely of technical plastics, which provide flow rates and working pressures similar to those of cast iron pumps of the same characteristics. The Maxim pump also incorporates a prefilter with a capacity of 8 litres. The prefilter is replaceable in all the models and has a standard key to facilitate opening.

High performance pump for public swimming pools

Large capacity

Easy-open prefilter

Complete insulation from corosion

Optimum performance

Astral BX Commercial Pool Pump


The AstralPool BX pump had been designed to comfortably meet the demands of all your pool equipment while setting new standards of efficiency, convenience and greatly reducing noise levels. With the ability to move more water, use less power in fewer hours per day while requiring less maintenance the BX pump has to be your next choice.

Available in a range of pumps sizes

Low Noise Level

High in efficiency

Less maintenance required

Chadson MHS Commercial Filter


Not all fiberglass horizontal filters are created equal. Since the release of CGF’s first fiberglass filter in 1967, our product range has been continually refined and expanded. Although our success (in hundreds of varied installations) has periodically attracted several look-a-like products, these imitations commonly lack the parallel flow and the hydraulic balance that is unique to the MHS series.If water quality, low purchase costs, and minimum maintenance are important to you, the MHS series is worthy of your consideration. It will consume less plant space & provide more value for your filter dollar. It is also used by most pool professionals & commonly specified by accredited Consultants

Parallel flow with precise control of velocity & water balance

High backwash rates without the loss of filter media

Large dirt holding capacity utilising the depth of the filtering media

Built tough to known engineering standards & references

Tried & proven in some of Australia’s harshest outback conditions

Extensive product range with single filter providing up to 7.25m2 of effective filter area

Single lever backwash valves available for all filters up with up to 3.5m2 of filter area

Technically superior & patented technology (FloModuLata™)

Transportable, easy to install & simple to operate with a choice of backwash methods

Australian-made with local technical & engineering support

Astral Rodas Commercial Filter


Horizontal Bobbin wound filters are constructed from fibre glass and polyester resin for a maximum working pressure of 2,5 kg/cm2.

The production of these filters is controlled by computer and other specifically designed machines with a large degree of flexibility which allows reinforcing at any stage of manufacture. Excellent relation between the filter weight and its mechanical characteristics. Greater filtering capacity and greater efficiency of filtration.

Resistant to corrosion unlike conventional steel filters

Maximum operating temperature: 50ºC

Complies with European standards for pressure vessels 97/23/CE included un section 3 of article 3

Hydraulic pressure test 1,5 times maximum admissible pressure

Pressure gauge panel

Manual air and water purge

Loading access Ø400

Astralpool Praga Commercial Pool Filter


This filter is manufactured with fibre-glass and polyester resin

Totally anticorrosive

Lid of Ø 400 mm

Supplied with manual air relief valve and water purge, sand dump port and pressure gauge panel

Fitted with collector arms and diffuser made from unplasticised PVC and polypropilene

Resistant to salt water

It contains newly designed larger and more resistant ABS collector arms

Astralpool Praga Commercial Pool Filter


OC-1 is an open cell media that has very low resistance to allow more water to be turned over in a pool. It has a huge capacity to store debris and matches the filtration quality of sand and glass filter media. However unlike all other media, the flow rate will not slow down once a small amount of dirt is caught, therefore optimising your filtration system and resulting in healthier water for you and your clients.

Light Weight - Unlike sand, gravel and glass, OC-1 is incredibly lightweight so is easy to handle and transport.

Save Power - It can reduce variable speed pumps by around 20% to achieve the same water flow through the filter without compromise, producing impressive energy savings.

Save Water - The huge debris retention results in less back washing frequency. On new installations a smaller pump can be specified to produce the same flow – saving running costs and initial outlay.

Save Time - Due to its constant flow rate and huge debris capacity, OC-1 only needs to be backwashed once every 3 months.

Astral Berlin Commercial Sand Filter


For years customers have been relying on Berlin sand filters, providing safety and reliability. For more than two decades, the Berlin filter has provided efficient filtering in all kinds of private pools worldwide. This bobbin wound sand filter provides a superior finish with easy access and fine filtration.

Side mount selector valve

Designed for easy assembly and precise filtering

Easy access for cleaning and servicing

ULTRA MAX G Commercial Pool Cleaner


AstralPool commercial pool cleaners offer features and performance like no other cleaner on the market. Its modern styling and advanced 21st Century technology gives our commercial pool cleaners the ability to clean any Olympic or commercial size swimming pool.

Specially designed for heavy duty applications

Improved driving system and stainless steel side plates

Includes Gyroscope and Infrared eye

Recommended for pools up to 50m

Includes 36 / 45 m cable length, 6 key remote control and stainless steel Aquakart

Commercial Pool Blower


Air blowers designed to shake the filtration bed during the backwashing process or to supply air wherever required.

The blower housing and the impeller are made of a light Aluminium alloy, whereas the shaft is made of S.S. on which the impeller is mounted and dynamically balanced.

The 100-120/200-240 V single phase and the 200-240/280-440 V three phase motors at 50/60 Hz for non-stop operation, are manufactured according to the IEC Standards and come with an IP 54 outer protection and an F Class insulation.

The pumps can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and as there is no contact between the fixed and movable blower parts, it does not require any lubrication nor maintenance, neither is there any wear and tear.

Elite Commercial Pool Covers


Since 1989, Elite Pool Covers have pioneered the development, design & manufacture of a range of world’s leading custom commercial pool cover systems that can be seen on many pools throughout Australia & Overseas.

Money saving, water saving & energy saving

Fabrics out perform all others

Super strong, highly efficient & easy to use

Hideaway in-ground blanket storage solutions

Wall mounted motorised covers

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