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Spa Heaters: 4 Common Questions

Whether you already have a spa installed at your home, or you’re considering upgrading your backyard to include a spa, there are several common questions that we receive about spa heating.

1. How Can I Heat My Spa Faster

There are several ways to speed up the rate at which you spa heats up to an optimal temperature –

Thermal / Heating Blankets

By adding a blanket over your spa while you are not using it, you will increase the water temperature and save energy / money. Spa heating blankets are relatively affordable and a highly effective way to reduce heating times.

Purchasing a Gas Spa Heater

Gas heaters will heat up your spa significantly more quickly than their solar or electric counterparts. Although they are typically more expensive to run and more harmful to the environment, a good quality gas heater allows you to quickly heat your spa.

Remote Control Using Your Smartphone

By selecting or upgrading to a gas spa heater with smartphone remote control, you can quickly and easily control the heat of your spa before you arrive home. This convenient optional extra allows you to enjoy your spa immediately when you return home.

Turning on the Jets

By turning the jets on while you heat up your pool, it will help circulate the heat and avoid cold pockets that may remain within the pipes.

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2. How Many Years Will a Spa Heater Last?

The longevity of your spa heater will be dictated by several factors –

Solar, Gas or Electric Spa Heating

Gas spa heaters will typically last longer than solar or electric spa heaters. Good quality gas heaters will last around 15 years on average, opposed to solar or electric which average 10 to 15 years.


By regularly engaging an experienced and qualified service technician, you will also extend the life of your heater. On average, all spa heaters should be serviced at least every 6 months.

Frequency of Use

Spa heaters that are used less frequently will obviously tend to last longer.

3. What Size Heater Do I Require?

This is a question that you should ask your technician and will be dictated by several factors –

  • What size is your spa?
  • What is the ideal temperature you require?
  • Are you looking to use the spa all-year-round?
  • How quickly do you want to heat up the spa?
  • Will you also invest in a spa blanket?
  • Are you looking at a gas, solar or electric heating solution?

A reputable spa technician will take the time to ask these questions and understand your needs before they offer expert advice. Beware of out-of-the box solutions that may not be suitable for your individual requirements.

4. How Much Should I Spend on a Spa Heater?

As a rule of thumb, good quality small spa heater packages typically start from $3,000 within Australia. This price includes the supply and installation of the heater and will increase as you look at larger units with additional options such as Wifi controls.

As always, beware of cheaper options, if the price seems too good to be true it probably is…

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